Embrace Your Inner Princess: Cinderella

Embrace Your Inner Princess: Cinderella

Do you… 

Love to sing?

Make friends with any animal you meet?

Chase your dreams?

Let us guess: your favorite princess is Cinderella!

We’re here to grant your wishes and make your dreams come true with these amazing pieces to build fun outfits inspired by this classic princess.  

Light blue crossbody bag with images from Disney's Cinderella on each panel of the bag.

Cinderella Princess Scenes Crossbody Bag

Truly celebrate your favorite princess with this crossbody bag that shows off iconic moments from the film! Panels include special moments including Gus and Jaq, Cinderella catching her carriage at midnight, Cinderella twirling with her handmade gown, and Cinderella and Prince Charming dancing together.

This bag has a strap that can go across your body, or it can be taken off if you just want to hold it by the handles. Bring it along with a sparkly blue ensemble for a magical look or add it to a more casual look to add some charm.

Blue sequins wallet inspired by Cinderella. The center has a bow with a clock about to strike midnight.

Exclusive – Cinderella Sequin Flap Wallet

This wallet is a perfect homage to Cinderella’s ball dress. The front has two shades of blue with lots of sparkle and a metallic bow in the center. At the center of the bow is a clock that is about to strike midnight. The back of the wallet looks like the front of the skirt of Cinderella’s dress. The inside holds seven cards and one ID. The lining is light blue with recurring symbols from the movie, including a shoe, a clock, and a castle.

Add this beautiful touch to ensembles for nights out or formal parties or add it as the final flourish to your Cinderella Disney bound!

Light blue backpack with images from Disney's Cinderella on each panel, including Cinderella trying on the glass slipper and dancing with the prince.

Cinderella Princess Scenes Mini Backpack

Not a crossbody person? You can still celebrate the most memorable moments from Cinderella with this mini backpack! Each panel of the backpack shows a different scene from the film, including Cinderella dancing with the prince, Cinderella trying on the glass slipper, her transformation into wearing the glittery ballgown, and her horrible stepmother and stepsisters.

This backpack is ready to go with you on any adventure – whether you want to pair it with a light blue, knee-length dress, or your favorite pair of light wash, ripped jeans and a T-shirt.  

Pink mini backpack featuring Gus and Jaq in a teacup and two other mice above them searching for supplies to make Cinderella's dress for the ball.

Cinderella Gus and Jaq Teacup Mini Backpack

Ready to put together the perfect outfit? The mice are ready to help! Gus and Jaq peer out of a teacup in search of materials for Cinderella’s dress, while the other mice keep an eye out for trouble. On the back of the bag, Lucifer waits with a smile.

This backpack goes well with any pastel ensemble – especially pink or teal – or you can brighten up an all-black outfit by throwing this into the mix. This can also go well with a simple white dress when you’re off to have an afternoon tea date.
Pink mini backpack featuring the mice from Cinderella looking over a design for her dress in a book. Pink ribbon is threaded through the top and bows are tied on either side pocket.

Exclusive – Cinderella Mice Dressmakers Mini Backpack

This backpack, along with the Gus and Jaq Teacup backpack, is part of our latest Cinderella collection. This pink backpack features the mice looking over a design for Cinderella’s dress for the ball, with lovely details like pink bows on either side pocket. Go for a full Cinderella look by adding this backpack to a white and pink ensemble or add some extra color by wearing bright teal or sparkly blue. Cardholder featuring one of Cinderella's mice standing in front of a spool of thread with a needle and two buttons.

Cinderella Mouse Spool Card Holder

Need a cute way to carry your cards while you’re out and about? This card holder is a perfect accessory! This card holder measures 6.7” x 3.3” and features one of the mice with a spool of thread, a needle, and a couple of buttons. The back has four card slots and a zipper pocket. Slide this into your favorite purse or carry it along by itself to show it off!

White crossbody bag with teal beaded handle and teal strap, featuring Jaq and Gus and an open center flap that shows more mice hiding.

Cinderella Gus and Jaq Bead Handle Crossbody Bag

A versatile crossbody bag that can work with almost any outfit. This crossbody bag features a beaded handle, and the design of the beads continue onto the front of the bag, where images of Gus and Jaq appear to hold the beads. The center of the front flap opens to reveal more mice behind it. 

This is a perfect piece to hold by the handle with your outfit, but it if you prefer to wear it across your body, there is a teal strap included. Add it to a black cocktail dress with a teal belt or pair with wide leg dress pants and a suit jacket.

Pink wallet featuring Cinderella's mice studying the design of her dress from a book.

Exclusive – Cinderella Mice Dressmakers Zip Around Wallet

This zip around wallet has the same image on the front of it that our Dressmakers mini backpack has. On a pink background, the mice look over the design for Cinderella’s dress in a book. On the back, the mice trace out a pattern with chalk. Match this wallet with our Dressmakers backpack when you’re out and about on your adventures or take it along solo for a small piece of your favorite princess.


No matter what you dream of, make it come true – and what better way to do that than with some tributes to your favorite Disney princess, Cinderella? Put together magical styles before the clock strikes midnight! 

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