Put Together Your Best Style with These Stitch Shoppe Sandy Skirts

Put Together Your Best Style with These Stitch Shoppe Sandy Skirts

Looking for a new skirt to add to your wardrobe? Stitch Shoppe has a whole line of skirts with scenes of your favorite Disney characters and movies. The Sandy Skirt style is a high-waisted skirt that hits just at the knee on most people – and it has pockets! These skirts also feature original, in-house artwork and elastic at the back with a zip closure for a perfect fit.

Check out six of our current favorite Sandy Skirts from Stitch Shoppe:

Woman wearing the Snow White Sandy Skirt, depicting Snow White by the cottage as the Seven Dwarves return from the diamond mines with a sunset background, with a blue top.

Stitch Shoppe Snow White Sandy Skirt

This skirt is definitely something to sing about! This skirt depicts an orange and yellow sky with a forest scene. On one side of the skirt, the dwarves exit the diamond mines and head back to their cottage. They walk along a fallen tree trunk over a river. On the other side, Snow White sits with wildlife outside the cottage. On the waistband are the embroidered words, “With a smile and a song.” 

This skirt pairs well with a tucked in top of blue, white, or green. Wear with a pair of tennis shoes or heeled booties. This skirt makes for a perfect outfit for a Disney day, or to show off your love for your favorite Disney movie in your every day. 

Woman wearing the Stitch Shoppe Gingerbread Sandy Skirt, featuring Disney characters as gingerbread cookies, Mickey-Mouse-shaped gum drops, and icing trim on the waistband and hem.

Stitch Shoppe Disney Gingerbread Friends Sandy Skirt

Holiday fun can be any time with this gingerbread skirt. The waistband and hem of the skirt have icing trim. Other details on the skirt include sprinkles, Mickey-Mouse-shaped gum drops, and your favorite Disney characters featured as gingerbread cookies.

Pair this with a red or black top for an instantly classy ensemble. You can also wear it with a pair of tights and a cozy cardigan to stay warm. No matter what time of year it is, this skirt is sure to bring a smile to your face and make everything feel extra magical. 

Woman wearing blue and pink skirt depicting Alice in the mushroom grove meeting the Caterpillar.

Stitch Shoppe Alice in Wonderland Caterpillar Dream Sandy Skirt

Dive straight into Wonderland with this skirt! The designs featured on this skirt are just as magical as the world it portrays. Follow Alice’s adventures through a psychedelic mushroom grove as she meets the Caterpillar. The background of this skirt is blue, but images of Alice and her surroundings are full of bright pinks, oranges, and greens.

Keep the skirt the highlight of the ensemble by wearing it with a white blouse. You can also embrace the vibe of Wonderland with a brightly colored or patterned top to really make a statement and stand out.

Woman wearing a three-toned purple skirt featuring the Muses from Hercules holding up a temple and dancing.

Stitch Shoppe Hercules Muses Sandy Skirt

Okay, we’ll say it: we’re in love with this skirt. It features the Muses singing and holding up a temple structure. Lavender, lilac, and royal purple guide the design of this dress with a beautiful, starry night sky in the background, roses at the bottom of the skirt, and details of classic Greek architecture. 

Keep the color theme by pairing this skirt with a purple top and shoes or elevate the outfit with an upscale black blouse. Catch everyone’s eye by throwing on a yellow top with this skirt for a look that’s bright and fun.  

Woman wearing a pink and purple Stitch Shoppe Sandy Skirt featuring the dining extravaganza and show from "Be Our Guest"

Stitch Shoppe Beauty and the Beast Be Our Guest Sandy Skirt

It doesn’t get more fun than the dining extravaganza at the castle! The iconic “Be Our Guest” scene is depicted on this skirt, with Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, Chip, and the rest of the dining crew. They sing and dance under a champagne arch. The background of this skirt is pink and purple. 

Add a cropped tank to this skirt for a dressy look that keeps you cool in warm weather or play with shape (and keep warm!) by pairing it with a loose sweater. You can also dress this up or down by experimenting with different necklines on the tops you choose. Add a cute handbag and you’re set to go! 

Woman wearing a blue and pink skirt featuring Aurora's kingdom and Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather flying around.

Stitch Shoppe Sleeping Beauty Sandy Skirt

Make it pink? Or make it blue? You don’t have to decide with this skirt because it’s both! Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather fly above the castle on a background that fades from blue to pink. Embroidered on either side of the waistband, it says, “Make it pink” and “Make it blue.”

Create a dreamy style by pairing this skirt with a soft pink top and high heels or bring out an edgier style by adding a leather jacket and platform boots or heels. No matter what you choose, you’re sure to be the best dressed wherever you go.  

Put Together the Cutest Outfits with Stitch Shoppe Skirts

These skirts are the perfect missing piece to any outfit. Mix and match these super cute styles to come up with ensembles that are entirely your own.

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