Favorite Finds Under $20

Favorite Finds Under $20

No matter if you’re celebrating a birthday, a graduation, or just because, we’ve curated a list of gifts all $20 or less. Check them out:


3 inch pin depicting Belle and the Beast reading by the fire. Fire flickers with lenticular details.

Beauty and the Beast Fireplace Lenticular Enamel Pin

Know someone who can recite this movie by heart? Get them this 3” collector’s enamel pin! It features a framed Belle and the Beast reading by the fire. The fireplace is lenticular and the flames flicker as you shift the pin from side to side. 
Green Robin Hood pin in the form of a book that opens. The cover shows Robin Hood and the inside depicts important scenes from the film with quotes.

Robin Hood Book Hinged Pin

Anyone up for a heroic adventure? This pin is in the shape of a book and has art featuring the Disney animated classic! On the front, you’ll find Robin Hood underneath his title. Then open the book and you’ll find important scenes from the movie with quotes. Pin depicting the control panel and characters from Inside Out with the Islands of Personality behind them. Joy moves up and down.

Inside Out Control Panel Sliding Pin

Create some core memories with this pin! This pin features everyone from HQ: Anger, Disgust, Joy, Sadness, and Fear. They stand behind the control panel. Joy moves up and down to “jump” in excitement. Behind them are the different Islands of Personality. 

Pin depicting the Evil Queen from Snow White holding an apple. Apple has lenticular details that show Snow White in one angle and poison in the form of a skull in the other.

Evil Queen Lenticular Pin

For those who love villains, get this collectible Evil Queen pin. It features the Evil Queen looking at an apple between her hands. The apple has lenticular features and depending on how you look at it, depicts one of two scenes. The first is Snow White singing to the birds and the other shows poison dripping in the form of a skull. This collector pin box is great for those who love to walk on the dark side.

Pin of the Black Flame Candle from Hocus Pocus. Lenticular details make the flame flicker.

Hocus Pocus Black Flame Candle Lenticular Pin

Show off the Black Flame Candle without risking bringing the sisters back with this pin! This pin is limited edition – only 2,000 have been made. It features the lit Black Flame Candle, and with the lenticular details, the flame flickers as you shift the pin back and forth. Whoever is ready to get up to some mischief definitely deserves this pin!

Lanyards with Card Holders Haunted Mansion lanyard with cardholder depicting the hitchhiking ghosts and a Madame Leota keychain.

Funko Pop! by Loungefly Haunted Mansion Lanyard with Card Holder

Get the Haunted Mansion fans in your life this ghostly good gift! The lanyard features framed ghosts on a background of the Haunted Mansion wallpaper, while the card holder features the iconic hitchhiking ghosts. A rubber charm of Madame Leota is also included. Friends or family will love to take this around on their adventures, no matter if they need a safe space to hold their ID, work badge, or park pass! Winnie the Pooh lanyard with cardholder with Pooh on the cardholder floating above a map of the Hundred Acre Wood, while the lanyard shows him eating honey. Includes a keychain of a honey pot.

Winnie the Pooh Hunny Charm Lanyard with Card Holder

This Winnie the Pooh lanyard with card holder is great for anyone looking to add some sweetness to their adventures. On the lanyard, Pooh is featured eating lots of honey with the words “and he ate, and he ate…” The card holder features a map of the Hundred Acre Wood and Winnie the Pooh floating above it, attached to a balloon. A rubber charm of a “hunny” pot is attached. Choose this as a functional and cute gift!
Finding Nemo lanyard and cardholder depicting Darla looking into the fish tank with Nemo and friends.

Finding Nemo Darla Fish Tank Lanyard with Card Holder

Fishies, wake up! Don’t sleep on this Finding Nemo Darla lanyard! The lanyard features Nemo and his tank friends, while the card holder features Darla looking at all of the terrified fish in the tank. A rubber charm that says “Rock ’n Rock Girl” is also attached to the lanyard. This lanyard and card holder will do well for any adventure across the big blue. Land Before Time lanyard and cardholder featuring the Cera, Little Foot, Petrie, Spike, and Ducky walking along a log with Sharptooth in the background. The lanyard shows portraits of each of the dinosaurs. Includes a tree star keychain.

The Land Before Time Lanyard with Card Holder

Who doesn’t remember adventures with this amazing dinosaur crew? Take Cera, Littlefoot, Petrie, Spike, and Ducky along on any journey with this lanyard. They each are featured on the lanyard and the card holder features an image of them walking over a fallen tree trunk while Sharptooth looks menacingly over at them. A rubber charm of a tree star is also connected to the lanyard. Whether headed to the Great Valley or another adventure, you're sure to want this to bring along!
Alice in Wonderland lanyard and cardholder depicting Alice painting the roses red. The lanyard has roses on it, some painted red and some still white.

Alice in Wonderland Painting the Roses Red Lanyard with Card Holder

Who can forget this iconic scene from Alice in the Wonderland? This lanyard and card holder depict the scene where Alice helps paint the roses red. The lanyard features roses – some painted red and some still white – and the card holder shows Alice on a ladder trying to paint the roses as quickly as she can. A rubber charm of the White Rabbit is attached. No matter what crazy adventure, this lanyard with card holder is here for the ride!

Keychains Keychain depicting Pongo and two puppies from 101 Dalmatians

101 Dalmatians Pongo Keychain

Everyone needs a few furry best friends to take along on their everyday adventures! This keychain featuring Pongo and two of her puppies makes it easy. This is a wonderfully playful accessory that goes with anything. Winnie the Pooh keychain in the form of an ice cream cone with chocolate, sprinkles, and a strawberry on top.

Winnie the Pooh Ice Cream Keychain

This keychain is sure to make a super sweet gift! This keychain is in the shape of an ice cream cone and has Winnie the Pooh’s ears and colors. It also has accents of chocolate and sprinkles with a strawberry on top. For those that love Disney days or adventures to find sweet treats, this keychain is a perfect accessory. Keychain in the form of Oogie Boogie's spinning wheel with Oogie Boogie, Jack Skellington, Sally, and Sandy Claws peering over the top.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Spinning Wheel Keychain

For those that love a little risk, have them take a spin on Oogie Boogie’s wheel of tricks and treats. This keychain shows Oogie Boogie, Jack Skellington, Sally, and Sandy Claws peering over the wheel – and the wheel spins! 

Hercules 25th anniversary keychain in the form of a fountain with a cherub spouting water and two birds with the same coloring of Pain and Panic perched on the ledge.

Hercules 25th Anniversary Fountain Keychain

Who can go the distance? Whoever has this keychain as part of their ensemble! It features a fountain with two birds perched on it and portrayed in the colors of Pain and Panic. A cherub stands above them with water coming from its mouth. This keychain celebrates 25 years of Disney’s Hercules and adds a little extra oomph to help you succeed in your endeavors.

Keychain in the form of Mickey Mouse depicted as a cup of hot cocoa. He wears a candy cane scarf and has a candy cane handle and two marshmallows in his top.

Mickey Mouse Cocoa Keychain

Disney fans are sure to love this cozy keychain featuring Mickey Mouse as a cup of hot cocoa! He wears a candy cane patterned scarf and has a candy cane handle. He also has two marshmallows in his cup! A simply perfect gift for those who love the holidays and anything Disney.

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