How to Style Your Hogwarts Crossbody Bag for Any Magical Adventure

How to Style Your Hogwarts Crossbody Bag for Any Magical Adventure

What do we all know about the wizarding world? There’s nothing more important than your Hogwarts house. The moment you step into Hogwarts as a first-year student, the sorting hat puts you into Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw. No matter where you end up, there’s pride in representing your house.

These Harry Potter Hogwarts House Crossbody bags allow you to represent your house wherever you are and are a magical touch to any outfit. Check out how you can pair them with any style.  

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Red, gold, and black crossbody bag with a metal Gryffindor symbol on the front above a yellow chevron-patterned stripe.

Harry Potter Gryffindor Crossbody Bag

Show off your love for the boldest and bravest house with this Gryffindor crossbody bag. This bag easily goes with any cosplay at a Harry Potter event, but also transforms into an everyday style for day or night.

Embrace your inner marauder fashion with a relaxed professional look. (Because we know James and Sirius were not the fully-buttoned-and-perfectly-set-tie type.) Pair with slacks and a blouse or button-down, but be sure to roll up those sleeves for a casual look that's still put-together and yet ready for mischief. You can also go for a bolder look and pair this bag with ripped black jeans and your favorite band T-shirt. Or stay comfy with a red flannel over a plain shirt paired with jeans.

Green, black, and silver crossbody bag with a metal Slytherin symbol on the front on top of a silver chevron-patterned stripe.

Harry Potter Slytherin Crossbody Bag

Slytherin is tied to tradition and elegance. Represent the house of ambition and determination with this crossbody bag. This bag can be paired with sophisticated ensembles for nights out or parties, or edgier looks to show off the darker side of Slytherin house.  

For elegant style worthy of a Malfoy, pair this bag with a full-length, sparkly, emerald or black dress. This bag can hold everything you need for a distinguished event until you're ready to apparate home. You can dress the bag down by throwing on your trusty leather jacket and your favorite heeled boots, or try it out with a pair of black dress pants and a knitted sweater.

Yellow, silver, and black crossbody bag with a metal Hufflepuff symbol on the front over a silver chevron-patterned stripe.

Harry Potter Hufflepuff Crossbody Bag

Charming Hufflepuff style is right around the corner with the Hufflepuff crossbody bag. As the house of loyalty and friendship – and easy access to the kitchens! – you can put together fun and cozy styles with this bag.

Match it with a black sweater and yellow plaid leggings or a yellow skirt for an ensemble that is pure Hufflepuff fashion. Add a cozy yellow cardigan over a little black dress for a look that transitions from party prep to party time. Choose a lightweight sweater and make your look stand out with a statement scarf.

Blue, light blue, and black crossbody bag with a metal Ravenclaw symbol on the front over a light blue chevron-patterned stripe.

Harry Potter Ravenclaw Crossbody Bag

The house of wisdom and intelligence is represented with this crossbody bag. Whether you’re working on your next project up in the common room or representing your house spirit during the next Quidditch match, this bag is along for the broomstick ride. 

Pair this with dark jeans and an open blue button down over a T-shirt for a simple and smart look or put a twist on traditional Hogwarts style with a high-waisted skirt and a cropped sweater. For an ensemble that represents true Ravenclaw spirit, put on a blue dress and match it with a bronze belt.  

Represent Your Hogwarts House with Spellbinding Styles

When the sorting hat tells you where you ought to be, wear your house colors with pride. Put together your most extraordinary styles with our Harry Potter Hogwarts House Crossbody bags – whether you’re heading to a Quidditch match, the Yule Ball, or a shopping day in Diagon Alley, these bags are ready for any magical adventure.

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