This Toy Story Collection Has a Pizza Our Hearts

This Toy Story Collection Has a Pizza Our Hearts

Never in a film has a rusty old truck been more iconic than Toy Story's Pizza Planet Truck. It's sort of a symbol of a pivotal time in the film industry where it was totally acceptable for adults to become massive fans of movies made for children. Not only that, but Pizza Planet became a fictional place that every kid thought or hoped was real because it easily could be. Anyway, all this to say that the Pizza Planet Truck is a classic. And what does Loungefly do when you've got a classic moment from a film? We turn it into a fun, wearable accessory! 

Back of Pizza Planet Truck Backpack

The Pizza Planet Truck mini backpack has all the details of the Toy Story truck, including its license plate, bumper sticker, "YO" written on the back, and rocket on the top–which glows in the dark! Plus, you can turn the break lights on from inside the front pocket! 

Pizza Planet Truck Light Up

This mini backpack has it all because frankly, the Pizza Planet Truck had it all. For a beat-up old truck, it sure had a lot of character. 

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By: Ilana McBride