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Lotso Mixed Emotions Sliding Pin

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Quick Overview

Come along for the ride to Sunnyside Daycare! Hitch a ride with this Loungefly Disney-PIXAR Lotso Mixed Emotions 3-inch Collector Box Pin. The loveable-looking Lotso playfully rides a dump truck, but there’s more to his personality than the fuzzy, cuddly exterior he lets on. The enamel-fill pin comes with magnetized interchangeable faces to show various moods Lotso experiences, including happy, angry, and sad. This versatile pin, which can be changed up throughout the day, makes for a fun, inventive, and interactive addition to any Disney outfit.

Enamel-fill pin is 3-inches tall with three interchangeable pin parts and gunmetal-colored metal hardware.

This pin is an officially licensed Disney-PIXAR product.