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Brave Merida Castle Sliding Pin

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Quick Overview

Commemorate an iconic Disney-Pixar moment with the Brave Merida Castle Sliding Pin. As Merida questions whether she can change her fate, she encounters a mysterious will-o’-the-whisp in the forest outside her kingdom. Merida slides closer to follow the woodland spirit in search of her destiny, bringing this scene from Disney-Pixar’s Brave to life like a true Scottish fairy tale. Notice the decorated detail of the Scottish Highlands behind the castle walls. This 3-inch pin adds a majestic and adventurous element to any Disney-Pixar outfit, and is a perfect accessory for fans who are looking to keep one of their favorite animated movies close.

This is a 1,000-piece limited edition item. Pin has sliding part detail and gunmetal colored hardware. The back has the signature Funko/Loungefly crown debossing as well as the embossed crown on the back, noting the limited edition 1,000-piece count.

This pin is an officially licensed Disney-Pixar product.

Enamel pin is 3-inches tall and comes in a window display collector box.