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Nickelodeon Rugrats Reptar Bar AOP Mini Backpack

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These are the kids that are bringing in the new style
Out of the crib with a bib, just to make you smile
Milk in the bottle of the Rugrats just in case,
They need to squirt that milk in your big face.
SPLISH! SPASH! BOOM! There is is, Gotcha!
Let the Rugrats outsmart ya,
Can you believe that it has almost 20 years since The Rugrats premiered on Nickelodeon....Feel old yet?? Not to worry, we all do. 
This mini backpack includes all of the Rugrats gang, Tommy, Timmy, Angelica, Phil and Lil. The gang wouldn't be complete without REPTAR!!!
This vegan leather mini backpack includes printed, interior lining, padded straps and metal plaque details.
Dimensions: W: 9" X H: 10.5" X D: 4.5"
California Residents - Click here for Proposition 65 warning